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02/2006 – Press release
Douglas Ross

3 works, 2001-2006



During his 1-week stay at Homie, Ross made "I am the software. You are the hardware." In the piece, he uses a self-made press to stamp a stack of mirrored G4 keyboard prints. The press repeats an image of its future manifestation and publicizes its liberation from instrumentality, no longer useful but also not a failure. Taken as a whole, the piece presents not simply a machine, but a mechanism which knots artistic, cultural, and historic references from as far back as Gutenberg to Ross's first visit to Homie.

In the video, UN, numerous perspectives on Le Corbusier's United Nations Headquarters building reveal that fluorescent lights on the building’s interior are in the process of peacefully or violently dying out. Street noises caught during filming are altered and heighten the sense of being outside.

In our living room outside the exhibition space, Ross pinned his print, Untitled (After Friedrich). The print juxtaposes a photo published on the front page of the NYTimes (Dec. 10, 2001) with Friedrich’s painting, The Wanderer. The romantic painting is strikingly similar to the photo taken of a construction worker overlooking the Ground Zero disaster/construction site.